Automated Prior Authorizations for Healthcare Payers

Rapidly build and effectively manage an automated solution to facilitate the identification, submission, and tracking of prior authorizations.

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Unqork’s Automated Prior Authorizations solution efficiently tackles the burdensome prior authorization workflow by automating and digitizing all provider-payer interactions to significantly reduce administrative burdens and boost patient satisfaction by improving time to therapy.

Reduced administrative burden

Empower stakeholders to independently access information and services 

Enhanced patient satisfaction

Improve the patient experience via real-time status updates, timely approvals, and reduced denials

Increased productivity

Free payers and providers from hunting down information via multiple back-and-forths over numerous channels

Unqork in Action

Patient facing onboarding provides questions that automate screening based on custom logic.

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Key Capabilities


Streamlined processes

Automatically identify procedures & drugs requiring prior authorization and provide on-demand approvals with self-validation


Automated workflows

Automatically invoke guided prior authorization workflow with smart forms for providers


Customizable rules

Configure rules to auto-assign prior authorizations that require manual review to payer specialist queues


Alerts & notifications

Provide real-time status updates along with proactive omnichannel notifications and reminders to users


Tailored tashboards

Provide real-time access to data and information with tailored dashboards

No-Code Insider

Digital Front Door

Optimize patient engagements and exceed patient expectations for high-quality digital experiences—without writing a single line of code.

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"We are confident in Unqork's ability to help us connect with those we serve.”

Ken Gibbs, CEO


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