Client Self-Service Hub for Life Insurance

Build a robust digital self-service hub in a matter of weeks to provide ease-of-doing business to your customers and a superior experience—all without writing a single line of code. 

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With Unqork’s Client Self-Service Hub, providers can rapidly build and deploy a modern digital self-service experience that provides customers with on-demand access to information and services, requiring little-to-no human intermediation.


Weeks to go from ideation-to-production


Reduction in servicing costs


Reduction in processing time

Key Capabilities


Self-service portals

Empower clients with self-management functionality across the lifecycle, including customer onboarding, billing, claims, and more 


Alerts & notifications

Proactive omnichannel alerts to notify customers of updates or necessary actions


Seamless integrations

Efficiently ingest data to/from external data providers and systems to capture claims data and findings to minimize data entry

Going Digital

How No-Code Transforms Life Insurance

No-code empowers insurers to explore digital opportunities that would have been inaccessible just a few years ago. In this eBook, we’ll explore how today’s insurance leaders are using no-code to supercharge their digital transformation and deliver benefits to customers (via enhanced services and increased access), employees (who can spend more time building value rather than executing routine tasks), and the bottom line (through lowered overhead and the creation of new sources of revenue).

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"Unqork's special genius is fixing the entire life insurance issuance process."

Tim Ash, Founder