Insurance Program Builder

Build a robust, scalable end-to-end programs solution without writing a single line of code.

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Unqork’s Insurance Program Builder empowers brokers, MGAs, and carriers to rapidly develop a program solution to automate high-volume customer-facing processes and which easily scales to incorporate new lines of business. 

Reduced cost

Lower costs by unifying all programs within one platform and reducing your administrative burden overall

Enhanced CX

Deliver a simple and intuitive customer journey by digitizing the entire process from application to certificate issuance

Improved data

Unify all programs within one platform to enhance data capture and analysis across all programs to surface actionable insights

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Key Capabilities


Role-based access

Centrally managed, persona-based access for customers, third-party brokers, and operations teams


Customer hub

Build a modern customer-facing UI to support self-service functionality


Core system integrations

Platform integrates with back-end systems (e.g., document repositories and finance systems) to simplify reporting and administration


Modular functionality

Use Unqork to build a full stack of capabilities, or a “digital front door” to existing systems via API connections

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“Impressive and powerful. Extremely scalable, thoughtful and sophisticated yet simple-to-use piece of technology.”

Sarah Shenton, Goldman Sachs
Success Story

A global brokerage developed a scalable platform that transformed how customers purchase coverage

A global insurance brokerage with more than 70 programs across various industries and geographies was unable to effectively manage its portfolio because they were housed on numerous legacy platforms with varying degrees of sophistication.

The company tapped Unqork for its ability to deliver a modern B2C experience with an end-to-end purchasing journey from intake to rating to policy issuance, as well as its potential to digitize paper-based forms that previously required significant human intervention. 

With Unqork, the company developed a unified platform that delivers an end-to-end solution across 70+ programs, including a customer portal, analytics engine, policy administration backbone, and all required internal and external APIs. Unqork leveraged an extensive suite of  reusable templates and accelerators that enabled the client to start with an MVP and then rapidly expand to other programs with an accelerated speed-to-market.


Number of programs incorporated into the platform

Accelerated Time-to-Market

For new program offerings

Reduced Operational Costs

By automating key back-office processes

Enhanced CX

With a seamless purchasing journey and robust self-service functionality

Centralized management & oversight

Of multiple programs with enhanced analysis

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