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Next-Generation Study Startup: Patient Recruitment & Screening

Equip sites and patients with the tools they need to accelerate and improve screening and onboarding.

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Clinical trial recruitment and screening can be challenging for both patients and site staff. Unqork’s Patient Recruitment & Screening solution provides customizable digital patient engagements that can optimize core processes to deliver benefits to all stakeholders.

Faster to first-patient-in

Mitigate bottlenecks stemming from scheduling in-person visits and manual, labor-intensive documentation/assessment of clinical history

Stronger recruitment volumes

Reduce premature attrition and ensure that sites and qualifying patients are motivated to make it through the end-to-end process

Lower operational expenses

Conduct virtual screening & onboarding to reduce patient travel expenses and reduce CRO/site staffing ratios

Unqork in Action

Patient facing onboarding provides questions that automate screening based on custom logic.


Key Capabilities


Tailored user experiences

Responsive omnichannel interfaces with pixel-perfect, role-specific workflows for patients, sites, CROs, and sponsors


Upfront screening

Custom screening logic and site routing based on the protocol and active sites for any given trial


Clinical data sourcing

Instantaneous patient access to medical records from one or multiple providers, as well as nationwide health information exchanges   


Triaging recommendations

Automatic mapping of patient medical history to trial inclusion/exclusion criteria to flag potential eligibility issues


Seamless integrations

Efficient integration and data exchange with existing systems (e.g., EDC, CTMS) and third-party services (e.g., clinical data, virtual connectivity, eConsent)


Tailored dashboards & alerts

Monitoring and alerts as to each site’s real-time performance against recruitment targets and whether or not they are on track

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Transforming Clinical Trial Management With No-Code

Even before COVID-19 prompted an unprecedented rush for new vaccines and therapeutics, it was clear that many existing clinical trial processes were technologically outmoded. Now that the world is depending on the life sciences industry to lead the way out from this pandemic, the need to move away from in-person engagements, on-site monitoring, paper documentation, and other manual checkpoints has taken on a new urgency.

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"We are confident in Unqork's ability to help us connect with those we serve.”

Ken Gibbs, CEO


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