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Modernizing case management

Key capabilities

About Unqork


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Modernizing case management

With a centralized, digital case management hub, agencies can drive improved outcomes while significantly decreasing administrative burden. In addition, agencies can quickly adapt case management processes to meet constantly evolving rules and regulations:

  • Rapid consolidation of systems and data
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and silos
  • Fully customizable look-and-feel
  • Easy management of reasonable accommodations

Unqork’s Platform is the launching pad that Public Sector Case Management has long awaited. With an intuitive drag and drop interface any Case Management use case solution no matter how common or niche can be built with confidence, at speed. Strong integration tools provide the connective tissue to legacy systems that make adoption seamless. 

In a world where government regulations and laws are being passed weekly and monthly it’s vital that agencies are able to adapt. Typically, changes can create risky outcomes. Different from the competition, Unqork remedies the difficulty that comes with change and eliminates the complexity involved in meeting future regulatory requirements.

Using Unqork’s codeless application platforms, agencies can rapidly build and effectively manage a custom Case Management solution that automates secure, scalable workflows, streamlines the filing process, and allows organizations to refocus their skilled staff members on higher priority work. 

The versatility of our Case Management capabilities can handle an expanding inventory of use cases with ease. With codeless based workflow, process, and integration tools, both the business owner and IT stakeholders can quickly contribute to the joint enablement of use cases. Unqork’s codeless-as-a-service has supported: 

  • Housing agencies 
  • Licensing and permitting for businesses 
  • Health and human services 

Key capabilities of Unqork 

Usage-based pricing

Unqork does not charge per-user/per-year like other legacy PaaS platforms. It is a very expensive proposition to use a “low-code” platform that is charging $1500 per user annually. Our pricing model allows you to pay only for what you use, making it ideal for an ethics application where most users log in only a couple times per year.

Pixel-perfect PDFs

Data entered into Unqork can generate pixel-perfect government forms in a PDF. Users can then upload those PDFs directly to any repository of record, avoiding email threads. 

Seamless digital signatures

Unqork seamlessly integrates within DocuSign and Adobe Sign to provide PIV-enabled digital signatures for government documents. This allows for increased productivity through automation, with flexible, reusable digital experiences.

About Unqork

Unqork is the first and only Codeless-as-a-service  application development platform truly built for the enterprise. As a Software as a Service, Unqork is currently designated as “In Process” on the FedRAMP marketplace at the Moderate level. 

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