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Codeless Architecture is a new open standard that empowers insurers to build complex software without writing, managing, or seeing a line of code

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About Unqork for Insurance

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About Unqork for Insurance

Unqork created the new category of enterprise no-code and invented the Codeless Architecture standard, which is quickly becoming the future of software development. Our mission is to enable you to create applications that power you businesses faster, with greater agility, and at significantly lower cost.

Unqork is the first company to abstract all coding from the application development process. Our platform is built on a Codeless Architecture, which allows you to build applications that are visual, modular, and secure. With Codeless Architecture, your organization stays agile, and you accelerate into a future where customer and employee expectations are higher than ever—all without writing or managing a single line of code.

Codeless Architecture is an open standard that abstracts application development and frees insurers from the cost and complexity of managing software. Instead, you can focus fully on building business value. With Codeless Architecture, development cycles for enterprise applications are measured in weeks, rather than in months or years—and you never create new code that will require maintenance over time.

How we help

Integrate all of your systems and data, orchestrate and automate complex business processes, and create modern on-brand customer experiences.

Integrate your entire ecosystem

  • Seamlessly integrate new custom codeless applications with your legacy systems (including those developed with code) and external third-party integrations
  • Leverage Unqork’s ecosystem of pre-built integrations with leading InsureTechs and an expansive library of industry-specific accelerators for specific use cases

Automate complex workflows

  • Unqork’s unified platform makes it easy to orchestrate highly automated workflows using Unqork’s native business logic, rules, and calculation capabilities
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) allows you to scale controlled access to specific teams, clients, and service providers

Create consumer-grade experiences

  • Deploy consumer-grade experiences to attract and delight your customers
  • Gain scalability with reusable UI templates and the flexibility to leverage custom styling where needed

Enterprise-grade security

  • SDLC governance, security, roles, and permissions that meet enterprise standards; Soc 2 Type II, Privacy Shield compliant

Success stories

Codeless Resources

Academy & Community Hub

Build the skills that will help you digitally transform your organization 

With Unqork Academy, Creators can learn how to develop with no-code in no time with robust guided curriculums, certification assessments, courses, and resources. The Unqork Community Hub is an active self-sustaining community of Creators for continued support, education, and feedback.


Accelerate application development with just a few clicks

Using the Unqork Marketplace, users can easily surface and integrate enterprise-grade pre-built snippets, templates, integrations, and accelerators designed by industry experts, Unqork technology partners, and fellow Creators to further expedite your onboarding application development.

Unqork Digital & Certified Implementation Partners

Leverage world-class delivery teams to build high-quality software on the Unqork platform

Accelerate the delivery of your solutions by partnering with Unqork Digital, Unqork’s own professional services team, or one of our Certified Implementation Partners with deep industry and Unqork expertise. 

Third-Party Integrations

Seamlessly specialized integrate third-party functionality

Take advantage of Unqork's expanding partner ecosystem and easily integrate specialized third-party functionality into your applications. Unqork's API functionality empowers Creators to seamlessly add new external services to existing workflows and business processes.

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