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Watch: Codeless onboarding in action

Why Unqork?

Codeless Architecture in action

Driving long-term value for our clients

Key capabilities of Unqork

Codeless Resources


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At a glance

  • “A large, Tier 1 bank can spend more than $100 million a year on client onboarding, when you take into account the information technology and operations considerations,” writes KPMG’s Bill Cline, National Account Leader for Capital Markets at KPMG. 

  • “With traditional onboarding for new clients taking as long as 16 weeks, clients are likely to view this part of their experience unfavorably compared with what they’ve grown to expect among their other banking interactions,” write Deloitte analysts

  • With Unqork, you can digitize the end-to-end institutional onboarding lifecycle in 20 weeks, speed onboarding times by 75%, and lower costs by 40%.

Watch: Codeless onboarding in action


Why Unqork?

Unqork’s codeless platform, the first and only no-code application development platform truly built for the enterprise, is uniquely positioned to meet your onboarding needs. Build a modern, comprehensive, and highly flexible onboarding solution without writing, managing, or seeing a single line of code. 

Proven Track Record

Unqork has deep expertise in client onobarding, with a track record of success with many of the world’s largest financial services companies. Unqork powers onboarding processes for:

9 of the top 15 Asset Managers
6 of the top 12 Banks
3 of the top 10 Wealth Managers


With Codeless Architecture, you can rapidly create new features and integrate them with any proprietary or third-party system to unify your IT ecosystem.

Improvement in client satisfaction


With Unqork, there's no need to rip and replace your entire technology stack. Take a modular approach to your digital transformation and innovation by leveraging our extensive Marketplace and Partner ecosystem using fewer resources and at a lower cost.

Reduction in TCO


Swiftly adapt as business needs evolve, thanks to visual, component-driven application creation and maintenance with the flexibility and speed to meet current and future business requirements.

Faster time to market

Codeless Architecture in action

With Unqork’s Codeless Architecture, you can deliver new applications in record time, create an integrated source of truth, and increase customer satisfaction 

Driving long-term value for our clients

Here are some of the key benefits our clients are realizing through Unqork:

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 4.05.47 PM

Key capabilities of Unqork 

Central tracking dashboards

  • Centralized RBAC-restricted reporting, analytics, and oversight of the onboarding process
  • Detailed insights via drill-downs (client to task level) 
  • Customizable metrics, monitoring, and visualizations

Workflow orchestration

  • Reduced process steps through STP and workflow automation
  • Support for parallel processing of tasks and task hand-offs based on prioritization, capacity, etc.
  • Reduced back-and-forth with clients through streamlined processes & information collection via integrated client outreach

Streamlined KYC/AML

  • Third-party KYC data aggregation for intelligent information synthesis, review, and scoring.
  • Unified workbench for due diligence reviews to streamline process
  • Rules engine application that automatically flags entities and individuals for enhanced due diligence
  • Integrations with OCR products that allow for document reading and parsing

Self-service portal

  • Customizable onboarding portals for your target entities, clients, and counterparties using pixel-perfect styling
  • Unified solution that exposes client facing steps/activities and provides insights into onboarding status & next steps

Document collaboration

  • Ability for internal users, onboarded parties, and others (e.g., external counsel) to collaborate on contracts
  • Edit-tracking capabilities that provide on-screen auditability

Ongoing Review and Refresh 

  • Ability to codify rules, generate requirements, and pre-populate fields with available internal and external data
  • Seamless client collaboration through self-service portal
  • Enriched data and documents to complete the refresh

Codeless Resources

Academy & Community Hub

Build the skills that will help you digitally transform your organization 

With Unqork Academy, Creators can learn how to develop with no-code in no time with robust guided curriculums, certification assessments, courses, and resources. The Unqork Community Hub is an active, self-sustaining community of Creators for continued support, education, and feedback.


Accelerate application development with just a few clicks

Using the Unqork Marketplace, users can easily surface and integrate enterprise-grade pre-built snippets, templates, integrations, and accelerators designed by industry experts, Unqork technology partners, and fellow Creators to further expedite your onboarding application development.

Unqork Digital & Certified Implementation Partners

Leverage world-class delivery teams to build high-quality software on the Unqork platform

Accelerate the delivery of your solutions by partnering with Unqork Digital, Unqork’s own professional services team, or one of our Certified Implementation Partners with deep industry and Unqork expertise. 

Jarell Hines is an Account Development Representative with Unqork specializing in Financial Services. Want to learn more about how Unqork's leading Codeless as a Service platform can transform your processes, send him a note at


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