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Code? Where we're going, we don't need code—let us guide you into the codeless future with Unqork

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DevOps are the guardians of the tech infrastructure, and we at Unqork understand it’s a tough job. We’re here to empower DevOps to evolve beyond complex, antiquated ways and move more efficiently through visual development.

Unqork’s goal is to amplify DevOps’ successes across the enterprise by mitigating the risk of moving fast, minimizing friction between IT operations and development, and enabling change at the speed of business. 

Unqork makes DevOps easy

Unqork provides businesses with the means to rapidly develop enterprise-grade software without writing a single line of code. Unqork’s no-code platform comes out-of-the-box (or out-of-the-virtual-SaaS-box) with configurable modules and components that can be readily manipulated within a completely visual UI.

This streamlining of development leads to improved collaboration as teams can rapidly build functional prototypes, so stakeholders can provide assurances that projects meet business needs early in the process, rather than after months of development. The same acceleration in initial builds is also applicable later in the process, so teams can flexibly evolve projects around changing requirements.

Our vision at Unqork is to provide a pure no-code platform that lets you design, integrate, and manage your digital infrastructure without ever touching a codebase. As a new platform user (we like to refer to you as “Creators”), you will have elevated value across your DevOps function. 

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"Unqork allows us to build common solutions and deploy them across multiple business lines and multiple regions."

—Susan Rousseau, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Emerging Business, State Street


Traditionally teams have had to weigh the importance of Time, Money, and Quality and decide which one(s) would inevitably have to be sacrificed in service of the others. With Unqork, you can hit all three main value propositions without compromise:

Build faster

Visual development empowers teams to build complex applications 3x faster than code/low-code solutions, driving speed-to-market over your competitors.

Improve quality

The Unqork platform can deliver 99.9% uptime with 600x fewer defects than commercial-grade software.

Reduce costs

Your company can reduce the cost of initial builds, overhead, and ongoing legacy maintenance resulting in 3x cost savings vs. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for code/low-code enterprise software.

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Manage DevOps change acceleration with a no-code development platform that provides Creators with a visually architected end-to-end user experience

All Unqork instances are single-tenant, resulting in much more reliable performance and security. Operate in an entirely private stack—only your products, rules, and customers will live inside your instance.

Run your Unqork application on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure’s highly secure infrastructure platforms using their native PaaS offerings.

Flexible deployments at unparalleled scale

Unqork is a cloud-native, highly elastic architecture running Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas under the hood, enabling infinite scale, upgrades, and patches with no downtime. Furthermore, Unqork's modern architecture data layer can be horizontally scaled, resulting in excellent performance and security that is second to none.

Dynamic data schema

Configurations created and stored as JSON allow for flexible and dynamic data schema to store multiple data types and formats, supporting full ACID transactions, and joins in queries.


"Unqork allows us to rapidly develop and integrate new technology in-house and deliver it globally. Not only has it allowed us to improve productivity, but also time-to-market."

Shekar Pannala, Global CIO and Co-Leader, Technology, Chubb


Kubernetes container technology 

Unqork now runs its highly elastic architecture on Kubernetes cloud-native offerings; portable, extensible platforms for managing containerized workloads and services, facilitating both declarative configuration and automation.

Unqork will be packaged within a Kubernetes system to run containers that enable infinite scale with zero-downtime deployments, upgrades, and patches. All new customers to Unqork in 2021 will have their environments stood up on cloud-native Kubernetes offerings.

For existing customers, Unqork will manage the migration and have you up and running on Kubernetes, providing you with a framework to run distributed systems resiliently. 

On the roadmap: Enhanced auto-scaling capabilities and advanced functionality will enable customers to power apps with dynamic or demanding load. Kubernetes will take care of scaling and failover for your application, provide deployment patterns, and easily manage a canary deployment for your system.

Unqork Kubernetes containers enable ALL customers to efficiently use your underlying infrastructure and rapidly develop & deploy applications with fewer resources, fewer bugs, and lower costs.

Review & Release

Manage complex release processes and deploy efficiently and securely across your organization with DevOps Agile Team Planning 

Optimize release management promotion

Manage your application lifecycle using RBAC-enabled promotions functionality through staging, UAT, and production. Leverage APIs to promote to higher environments throughout the release management process. And leverage granular RBAC capabilities to manage user access and permissions for each promotable item type.

Maintain multiple versions of your application

Manage multiple versions and live copies of an application, including flexible packaging for release and review. This functionality supports effective collaboration between colleagues who aren’t necessarily in the same department, the same office, or even on the same continent. 

The platform helps organize the input of multiple Creators through a detailed (and revertible) digital record of every saved version.


Provide application usage and insights with configuration data management

Unqork’s platform tooling allows you to manage your entire system from a centralized location. Control and oversee all key actions, including end-user interactions, application usage, and monitor infrastructure via standard APM or infrastructure management tools.

Unqork makes it easy to provide Operational oversight, so teams build applications in controlled and secure workspaces with tight RBAC dictating what can (and can’t) be worked on.

Surface granular insights into the user journey

Understand which fields users touched, the values that were entered in those fields, and the time of the update. Determine how long people spend on each field or page, which fields have been changed (marital status update, etc.), and where users are dropping off in the funnel.

Manage troubleshooting & automated user session capture

Unqork provides real-time insights for troubleshooting and quick enterprise-grade disaster recovery if needed. Capture user sessions and replays by leveraging built-in hookups to connect and manage real user monitoring, through the platform of your choice, including LogRocket.

Performance Analytics

Surface data-driven DevOps insights based on user and application behavior, purpose-built to your reporting needs 

Put the power of data into the hands of your stakeholders and subject matter experts who are responsible for successful build and service delivery. 

Connect key application data through ODBC drivers and seamlessly move data into a structured environment compatible with many popular business intelligence & analytics platforms, including Tableau, Excel, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI, and Qlik.

Real-time visibility

Leverage best-practice KPIs and dashboards out‑of‑the‑box and immediately begin to measure, monitor, and analyze your processes and solutions to accelerate performance. Measure, store, and report application metrics, including app usage, compute resource utilization, support and health metrics, and response times.

Seamlessly move data into any BI tool

Easily create the visualizations and dashboards that will help you extract the insights and hidden value in your unstructured data and integrate with popular BI and analytics platforms.


The Unqork platform technology stack is built to accelerate digital transformation for the most complex enterprises 

Accelerate migration into the cloud
  • Deploy into a secure, highly available single-tenant cloud
  • Take advantage of Unqork’s highly elastic architecture powered by Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas, which enables infinite scale, as well as downtime-free upgrades and patches
Develop fast on a centralized platform
  • Deploy with confidence knowing that Unqork’s platform boasts 99.9% uptime with 600x fewer defects than code/low-code approaches
  • Build applications inside a unified platform for controlled application building, operations, and monitoring 
  • Accelerate development with configurable visual components representing logic and data-transformation 
  • Simplify API development with tools that allow you to generate, visualize, and maintain API documentation automatically
  • Manage promotions to drive client impact
  • Oversee what individual Creators have built with a detailed, auditable record
Build secure APIs with ease
  • Create APIs in a fully configurable visual interface with complete control over the request and response
  • Apply full RBAC capabilities for each module, down to the per-field or per-document basis
  • Secure access to APIs and protect your data in transit and at rest with SSO integration via SAML, TLS, IP access control, and encryption
Modernize your IT architecture
  • Take advantage of Unqork’s flexible, modern, infinitely scalable architecture
  • Avoid technological debt with the comfort that Unqork updates all application elements on the back-end—you only need to worry about business and application logic
Manage complex data structures and streamline transformations
  • Execute complex data transformations using a fully-featured toolset without code
  • Allow for data to be persistent or transient and able to transform, validate, and send for server-side processing
  • Enable frictionless data construction and reporting
  • Allow for micro-decisioning and both document-level and field-level role-based access with a robust rules engine and RBAC capabilities
Increase microservices adoption and reuse
  • Create reusable microservices to accelerate the delivery of new projects and apps
  • Jumpstart projects with pre-built connectors for popular integrations
  • Easily incorporate custom integrations and services
Uncover key insights to build better applications
  • Track usage easily to make better design and development decisions
  • Analyze topology and dependencies of your services, APIs, or applications

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