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Modernizing ethics management

Key capabilities

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Modernizing ethics management

Modern ethics protocols and federal law dictate that government employees disclose any affiliations that might benefit from a contract with their agency. To ensure compliance, employees must do two things: 

  • Get approval to be associated with that organization on an annual basis
  • Report income and time spent semi-annually

In addition to ensuring employee compliance, agencies must maintain a robust program that includes the proper financial disclosure reporting, as well as ethics rules advice and counseling. 

Most agencies rely on an inconsistent patchwork of non-specialized platforms (e.g., email, PDFs, SharePoint, Excel) to manage this function. These piecemeal workflows are difficult to scale and highly inefficient due to their inherently manual nature. As a result, they place an outsized administrative burden on CIOs and ethics officials.

Using Unqork’s no-code application platforms, agencies can rapidly build and effectively manage a custom Ethics Management solution that automates secure, scalable workflows, streamlines the filing process, and allows organizations to refocus their skilled staff members on higher priority work. 

Unqork helps organizations ensure compliance with Office of Government Ethics regulations, including standard (SF 278) and confidential (OGE 450) Financial Disclosure Forms. In addition, agencies can easily: 

  • Track, manage, and report on virtually all ethics data 
  • Maintain robust ethics training tracking
  • Proactively provide event-related notifications and messages.

Key capabilities of Unqork 

Usage-based pricing

Unqork does not charge per-user/per-year like other legacy PaaS platforms. It is a very expensive proposition to use a “low-code” platform that is charging $1500 per user annually. Our pricing model allows you to pay only for what you use, making it ideal for an ethics application where most users log in only a couple times per year.

Pixel-perfect PDFs

Data entered into Unqork can generate pixel-perfect government forms in a PDF. Users can then upload those PDFs directly to any repository of record, avoiding email threads. 

Seamless digital signatures

Unqork seamlessly integrates within DocuSign and Adobe Sign to provide PIV-enabled digital signatures for government documents. This allows for increased productivity through automation, with flexible, reusable digital experiences.

Codeless Resources

Academy & Community Hub

Build the skills that will help you digitally transform your organization 

With Unqork Academy, Creators can learn how to develop with no-code in no time with robust guided curriculums, certification assessments, courses, and resources. The Unqork Community Hub is an active self-sustaining community of Creators for continued support, education, and feedback.


Accelerate application development with just a few clicks

Using the Unqork Marketplace, users can easily surface and integrate enterprise-grade pre-built snippets, templates, integrations, and accelerators designed by industry experts, Unqork technology partners, and fellow Creators to further expedite your onboarding application development.

Unqork Digital & Certified Implementation Partners

Leverage world-class delivery teams to build high-quality software on the Unqork platform

Accelerate the delivery of your solutions by partnering with Unqork Digital, Unqork’s own professional services team, or one of our Certified Implementation Partners with deep industry and Unqork expertise. 

Third-Party Integrations

Seamlessly specialized integrate third-party functionality

Take advantage of Unqork's expanding partner ecosystem and easily integrate specialized third-party functionality into your applications. Unqork's API functionality empowers Creators to seamlessly add new external services to existing workflows and business processes.

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