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From the launch of Codeless as a Service to industry-specific use cases, explore all the insights from Unqork's annual conference

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Codeless as a Service (CaaS)


Financial Services

Federal Government

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The launch of Codeless as a Service (CaaS) at Unqork Create represents a landmark event in enterprise computing. Enterprises can now seamlessly build, run, and manage next-generation software, all with a single open data definition. By supporting a secure, multi-cloud codeless architecture for applications, CaaS is already delivering substantial productivity gains than both traditional code and low-code/no-code platforms. 

However, the launch of CaaS was just one highlight of the two-day event that brought together a truly impressive roster of customers, partners, and analysts. Together they shed light on the power of CaaS and the ways organizations are already using it to derive substantial value.


Codeless as a Service (CaaS)

CaaS is not just another tool in the shed. It is a brand-new category, as CEO and Founder Gary Hoberman put it in his keynote. Unqork OS and Codeless Data Experiences, which Gary also introduced at Create, will only extend the reach and power of Unqork’s CaaS platform. 



Unqork CEO Gary Hoberman Unveils Codeless as a Service (CaaS) 

In his Unqork Create 2022 keynote, CEO & Founder Gary Hoberman introduces Unqork OS and Codeless Data Experiences, two major investments in the evolution of Unqork's codeless platform.


Navigating the Stages of Innovation  

Four blue-chip business leaders discuss bridging the business/IT gap at a time when “every company should operate like a software development company," including: Luke Flemmer, Head of Digital Strategy for Alternatives, Goldman Sachs; Max Neukirchen, Global Head of Payments & Commerce Solutions, JPMorgan Chase & Co.: David Chubak, Head of U.S. Business Unit, Edward Jones; and Julie Dillman, Executive Vice President of Chubb Group and Digital Transformation Officer, Chubb. 


Product News & Innovation  

Unqork’s CTO Bassam Chaptini unveils major new features and functionalities in Unqork’s Codeless-as-a-Service platform.


The Year of Data 

Richard Tarling, Managing Director & Technology Fellow, Core Engineering, Goldman Sachs, and Steve Hoberman, Data Modeling Author and Lecturer at Columbia University, offer a new vision for maximizing the value of data in synch with CaaS.


EY Partner Innovation Spotlight: Key Elements of Successful Unqork implementations 

Lars Tandrup, EY’s global Unqork practice lead, discusses key success metrics for an Unqork Codeless as a Service implementation.


MongoDB & Unqork: The Future of Data & Innovation 

Unqork's Founder & CEO Gary Hoberman is joined by Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO of MongoDB, to discuss the trends that are already taking hold within their organizations and share their predictions for software in the next 5-10 years—in particular, how enterprises will leverage data. 


The Future of Enterprise Software  

Leaders from Goldman Sachs, Chubb, and BlackRock examine the future of innovation and the role that software will play in the next five to 10 years—and the trends that are already taking hold within their organizations. Participants include: Sarah Shenton, COO of the Goldman Sachs Value Accelerator; Paul Walker, Board Member, Unqork; Max Gelfer, North America CIO, Chubb; and Kfir Godrich, Global Head of Technology, BlackRock. 


The Art of Shifting Codeless Architecture to Mainstream  

Codeless tools help the industry to move from a “Buy vs. Build” mindset to “Buy and Build” mindset. In this session, two leaders from KPMG—Raj Konduru, Principal, and Venkat Rayalla, Director, Solutions Engineering Lead— explain how they help clients build a modern tech ecosystem using Unqork. 


Forget Data Silos! Integrations Made Easy with Unqork  

This session—led by Aneesh Devi, VP of Digital Solutions, Chenoa, and Ed Keenan, Vice President, Brookfield—explores Unqork‘s codeless approach to integrations and how it can help build great user experiences, break down data silos, and streamline workflows organization-wide.


Building a Foundation: Innovation Born from Technology  

This panel of industry leaders from AWS, State Street, BlackRock, and JPMorgan Chase discuss how enterprises use CaaS to drive collaboration between tech teams and lines of business. Participants include: Chris Casey, General Manager for Industry Software and Data Alliances, AWS; Susan Rousseau, Senior Vice President of Enlighten Partnership Management, State Street; Gary Bigley, Global Head of Process Automation Center of Excellence, BlackRock; and John Napoli, Head of CTO & CDO Strategy, Governance, and Execution, JPMorgan Chase. 


Infosys Partner Innovation Spotlight: Code to Codeless—A Journey Worth Taking  

In this session, two leaders from Infosys—Vinay Kumar H S, Practice Engagement Manager; and Reetwick Ghosh, Senior Director of Digital Transformation Strategy and Sales—discuss how they help customers leverage a codeless-as-a-service framework to build responsive business value chains.


Businesses Develop Apps Faster with MongoDB Atlas Search  

In this session, Marcus Eagan, Product Manager, MongoDB, explores how Atlas Search uses natural language and unstructured queries to find content, derive meaningful statistics, and make fast recommendations using free text.


Unqork Powering Technology for New Businesses  

In this session, leaders from two start-ups—Bill Martiner, CTO, Avenue One; and Tyler Danielson, CTO, FOXO—discuss their journey leveraging the Unqork platform to power their tech stack and future-proof their businesses from the start



Hear from global insurance leaders—including Chubb, Edward Jones, FOXO,  Tokio Marine, and Travelers—on the way codeless is transforming the way they serve customers, employees, and partners. 

Codeless For Insurance


Quantiphi Partner Innovation Spotlight—AI-First Digital Engineering for Insurance   

Two leaders from Quantiphi—Vikas Sachdeva, Global Head of Advisory Services, FSI; and Srilekha Kundu, Practice Leader, FSI—discuss how Codeless as a Service helps bake AI into core business processes and optimize user experiences.

Building Better, Faster, & Versatile Insurance Products with Unqork  

Learn how EY used Unqork's CaaS platform to develop a client's project in less than 10 weeks. Lauren Rees, Product Owner of the Digital Underwriting team at Convex, was joined by EY's Jessi Petrosino, Global Unqork Practice Delivery, and Lars Tandrup, Global Unqork Practice Lead. 

The Importance of Industry Collaborations in Revolutionizing Insurance Underwriting  

In this panel discussion, two leaders from Quantiphi—Bhaskar Kalita, Global Head-Financial Services and Insurance, and Vikas Sachdeva, Global Head, FSI Advisory Services—share their experiences addressing the biggest challenges in the underwriting sector. 

AWS: Maximizing the Value of No Code Leveraging the Cloud 

Chad Hersh, Global Life Insurance Industry Lead, AWS, discusses how by, developing with solutions like Unqork on a cloud platform such as AWS, you can take advantage of not only the benefits of CaaS, but also the ecosystem of partners from both the no-code provider and the cloud partner, across systems integrators and software vendors. 


Infosys: Accelerate Insurance Modernization and Automation with Infosys Insurance eApp Marketplace on Unqork  

Leaders from Infosys and Unqork—including Infosys's Vinay Kumar H S, Practice Engagement Manager; and Reetwick Ghosh, Senior Director of Digital Transformation Strategy and Sales—explore how CaaS can accelerate time-to-value and reduce cost-to-serve.


Transforming Life & Annuity Insurance 

Unqork’s Chandresh Kothari welcomes two leaders from insurance innovator FOXO—Tyler Danielson, CTO, and Taylor Fay, Product Management Lead—to discuss the ways the insurer uses Unqork's Codeless-as-a-Service as sustainable tool to bring products to market quickly. 


Redefining P&C Underwriting 

Insurance leaders explore trends in the P&C industry, how they are driving product transformation, and how CaaS can help, including: Vladimir Stojanovic, Partner, Oliver Wyman; Chris Skarinka, President, Public Risk Group, Tokio Marine; and Russel Mason, Director, Insurance Technology, Vivint. 



Financial Services

Learn how leaders at global financial leaders—including BlackRock, Broadridge, Brookfield, Goldman Sachs, Grosvenor, JPMorgan Chase, Lionpoint Group, and State Street—rely on CaaS to streamline and accelerate development cycles, while ensuring that application functionality is as complex as use-cases demand. 

Codeless For Financial Services


Transforming Wealth Management With Innovative, Customer-Centric Technology  

To discuss the power of CaaS to transform everything from client onboarding and product fulfillment to security, Daisy Tung, a Partner at KPMG, is joined by: Joseph Lo, Vice President, Wealth Production Innovation, Broadridge; Cody Reinhart, Vice President of Product Management, Goldman Sachs; and Guddu Mony, Head of Process Engineering, Asset and Wealth Management, JP Morgan. 


KPMG Partner Innovation Spotlight: How a Leading Fund Provider Is Using Unqork for ESG Reporting  

KPMG Partners Harvinder Bhatia Tania Carnegie discuss why a global asset management company selected Unqork as the tool of choice for collecting and reporting ESG and sustainability data for their sustainability fund.



International Banking Digital Transformation  

In this session, banking leaders Sri Vasireddy, CTO at Triterras, and Steve Dunn, Head of Innovation and FinTech at SMBC, discuss the crucial role Unqork played in their companies' digital initiatives.



Digitizing ESG with Unqork  

Organizations are under increasing pressure to invest in—and demonstrate the effectiveness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. In this session, Organizations are under increasing pressure to invest in—and demonstrate the effectiveness of—environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.



Private Markets Technology Trends for 2023  

Here from two leaders from Unqork—Paul Larkin, Head of Financial Services, Phil O'Donoghue, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, and Odile Aslan, Manager, Sales Engineering—on the ways CaaS can transform private markets. 



The Future of Private Markets Using Codeless-as-a-Service   

In this video, Jason Emery, CPO at Securrency, is joined by Unqork's Paul Larkin and Ian Erard to explore the ways blockchain technology is driving AUM growth of private markets—and how Unqork’s codeless architecture is helping realize value more quickly.



Accelerating Operations Digitization & Productivity   

Unqork’s Christian Lewis welcomes Tanya Olimedo, Managing Director at Marcus, to discuss the ways financial services companies can leverage Codeless-as-a-Service to digitize operations and increase productivity. 



Federal Government

With Unqork's CaaS platform, federal agencies can now rapidly integrate systems, orchestrate & automate complex processes, deliver modern user experiences, and comply with strict security & governance mandates. 

Codeless For Government


Accelerating Digital Transformation Within the Public Sector  

Ross Ball, Dev Ops Lead at The Workforce Group, joins Unqork’s Kim Thompson, VP for Public Sector Sales, and Graeme Thomson, Senior Enterprise Account Executive,  to discuss the ways government agencies are leveraging Codeless as a Service (CaaS) to advance their mission. 

Transforming Patient Care with Intelligent Automation  

Rob Cimino, Vice President, Digital Health Strategy & Implementation at Maimonides Medical Center, and Suma Nittur, Program mManager at Persistent, detail a successful implementation of virtual care powered by CaaS.