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Overcoming challenges codelessly

Unqork's Group Benefits solutions

Key Capabilities

Key Benefits

Success story: Employer group onboarding

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Group Benefits is an inherently data- and process-intensive sector that requires coordination across multiple stakeholders, channels, and systems. Too often, these processes are overly reliant on manual intervention and paper-based tasks. As a result, they place a high administrative burden on insurers and fall short of modern customer expectations for service. 

Digital solutions can automate and optimize key benefits processes at scale, but “going digital” using traditional application development models has not been for the faint of heart—particularly in this type of complex, highly regulated, and continuously evolving sector.

By leveraging the power of Codeless Architecture and the Unqork platform, group benefits insurers can rapidly build robust solutions that: 

  • Reduce manual back-and-forth between insurers, agents, and members
  • Scale the processing efficiency of employee enrollments
  • Accelerate the appointments of agents and brokers
  • Automate data intake and rating for new and renewal group underwriting
  • Provide for a simpler, more intuitive experience for members submitting claims. 

Overcoming challenges codelessly

Developing enterprise software internally can be a painfully inefficient affair, with 85% of projects going over schedule and 70% of large-scale digital IT programs failing to even reach their stated goals. Challenges include: 
  • Technical complexity. Custom enterprise software has traditionally required upgrading and integrating legacy systems.
  • Compliance and governance. An evolving patchwork of overlapping regulatory and compliance rules requires constant changes and updates.

Codeless Architecture, a new open standard, is designed to overcome exactly these challenges. It empowers organizations to build complex software without writing, managing, or even seeing a line of code. It significantly lowers the cost and complexity, so you can focus entirely on building business value. Developing codelessly on the Unqork platform is: 

  • Unified. Everything you need on a single platform—front-end, workflow, analytics, integrations, legacy transformations, management, maintenance, and more 
  • Visual. Drag-and-drop interface for even the most complex operations, plus spreadsheet-like calculations, visual data transformations, and industry-specific templates
  • Enterprise-grade. Single-tenant, cloud agnostic architecture with security, roles, and permissions that meet enterprise standards and compliance with Soc 2 Type II and Privacy Shield standards.

Unqork’s Group Benefits solutions

  • Employer Onboarding: Digital onboarding to enable employers to complete contracting, set up benefits offerings, and prepare for enrollment in an integrated environment
  • Employee Enrollment & EOI: End-to-end digital enrollment and Evidence of Insurability (EOI) journey, including integrated help/chat functionality, individual applicant statuses, and individual/bulk reminders
  • Broker/Agent Onboarding: Digitized appointment and licensing, and contracting workflows to eliminate redundancy and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Underwriting & Sales Operations: Automatic ingestion and interpretation of inbound RFP bid specs and connection to rating system; delivery of quotes in a digital environment with user-friendly dashboards
  • Claims Intake & Management: Streamlined claims process, elimination of manual workflow and paper forms to reduce cycle time; delivery of supporting/ancillary services to insureds during critical periods of the claim journey.

Key Capabilities 

  • Integrations: Integrate with third-party services such as SalesForce, Noyo, Vericred, and Nayya, as well as internal systems such as rating engines, policy administration, and claims systems.
  • Workflow: Create a seamless workflow across all personas of your organization for seamless handoffs, notifications, and operational intelligence.
  • Digitized processes: Streamline data collection and processing in a fully digital, self-service environment that supports robust data validation capabilities.
  • Calculations and logic: Incorporate bespoke business logic to avoid offline spreadsheets and manual analysis; streamline user experiences with reflexive, tailored questions.

With Unqork, you can seamlessly connect acquisition, servicing, and operations: 

Key Benefits 

  • Increased reliability and application quality: Unqork enables you to maintain a flexible digital infrastructure with 99.99% uptime and 600x fewer defects than code/low-code.
  • Accelerated development: Utilize every ounce of your tech budget to create, improve, and deploy digital experiences across your organization. Go from ideation to production in as little as 12 weeks.
  • Reduced development costs: Reduce costs of initial builds & ongoing maintenance with 3x cost savings versus the Total Cost of Ownership with a traditional code/low-code-based approach.
  • Improved member experience: Deliver modern, user-friendly experiences across devices.
  • More straight-through processing: Dramatically improve operational effectiveness by automating complex business processes.
  • Fewer errors: Reduce processing rework, and deliver better customer results with less E&O risk.
  • Reduced operational costs: Significantly reduce operational cosst through process efficiency and scalability.
  • Better participation and persistency: Improve voluntary product take-up by eliminating barriers to entry, and build stickier broker and employer-group relationships in the process.

Success story: Employer group onboarding 

A major insurer builds an end-to-end, digital self-service solution that automates benefit plan onboarding to ensure seamless handoffs with clients and brokers

With Unqork’s platform, a leading insurer created a role-based, group onboarding solution that is fully integrated with upstream sold case and downstream policy administration systems—all in just 20 weeks. The solution provides self-service capabilities for interactions and documentation management to employers and brokers alike. Dynamic workflow orchestration and configuration supports rapid, intuitive employer onboarding processes. Employers, brokers, and carriers all have real-time status account updates and data access. And the solution adheres to the insurer’s client’s design standards, with a pixel-perfect look and feel. 

Weeks from ideation to market
Faster client onboarding times
Lower cost of ownership

Codeless Resources

Academy & Community Hub

Build the skills that will help you digitally transform your organization 

With Unqork Academy, Creators can learn how to develop codelessly in no time with robust guided curriculums, certification assessments, courses, and resources. The Unqork Community Hub is an active, self-sustaining community of Creators for continued support, education, and feedback.


Accelerate application development with just a few clicks

Using the Unqork Marketplace, users can easily surface and integrate enterprise-grade pre-built snippets, templates, integrations, and accelerators designed by industry experts, Unqork technology partners, and fellow Creators to further expedite your onboarding application development.

Unqork Digital & Certified Implementation Partners 

Leverage world-class delivery teams to build high-quality software on the Unqork platform

Accelerate the delivery of your solutions by partnering with Unqork Digital, Unqork’s own professional services team, or one of our Certified Implementation Partners with deep industry and Unqork expertise. 

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