Web Series

Did U Know?—Codeless Edition

More and more people are going to say codeless, and everyone will understand what they mean. In the meantime, we launched this web series.

About the series

Remember serverless? It transformed cloud computing. Now, codeless architecture (CA) is doing the same for app development. CA represents a huge shift in enterprise development, and it’s already transforming—and accelerating—the way organizations build software. 

Like any disruptive technological innovation, codeless architecture represents a new category of computing. We predict that soon, when people are going to say codeless, everyone will understand what they mean. 

Sounds impossible? Organizations are already leveraging CA to solve existing business challenges—and scale for future growth.

In the meantime, we launched this web series to explain as clearly as possible what CA is, who it’s for, and how organizations are using it.

Ep. 1: What is Codeless? 



In our inaugural episode, Sarah Carver, CMO at Unqork, introduces the concept of codeless architecture. 

Join us as we explore:

  • The definition and basic principles of codeless architecture
  • Why CA is different from other low-code solutions
  • How codeless accelerates innovation and increases business agility. 

Ep. 2: Extensibility & Upgradability



In our second episode, we cover the core competencies of codeless architecture that customers think about when building applications. We’ll specifically dive deeper into extensibility and upgradability to show you how CA can help you create and extend complex applications without limits.
Join our team of product experts as they discuss:
  • Why extensibility & upgradability are so important to organizations 
  • How Unqork can help you address challenges with maintenance and software upgrades
  • How CA can help you build & extend applications without limits

Ep. 3: Security & Reliability



In this episode, we’ll focus on security, reliability, and compliance. We’ll dive deeper into the tools and guidance that Unqork provides so you can build secure applications, while also ensuring your business-critical software is continuously up and running.

Join our team of product experts as they discuss:

  • How we define security & reliability
  • Why these topics are so important
  • How Unqork addresses industry-specific pain points related to security & reliability
  • The value of codeless for specific focus areas


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