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The Winter ‘24 Quarterly
Platform Release Is Here

A major new release reinforces Unqork's commitment to delivering intuitive development experiences and faster time-to-market—all on an open-source platform.

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The Winter '24 Quarterly Platform Release gives Unqork customers access to a wide-ranging and powerful new suite of solutions and platform enhancements designed to accelerate digital transformation. These new components and solutions run on Vega, Unqork's new and more performant, scalable runtime. However, they also seamlessly integrate with existing Unqork applications, allowing for incremental adoption without the need for migration. The new suite of solutions and enhancements include:    

What's in this release

  • Case Management Solution. Speed up development of high-quality, customized solutions that are also easy to maintain and upgrade, thanks to Unqork's first ready-to-use solution for case management. 
  • Composite Apps: Embedded UI. Configure and reuse codeless components that can be securely embedded into any internal or external application to accelerate digital transformation and drive standardization. 
  • Unqork Open Source Specification. By making platform runtime spec available as open source, Unqork is making it easier for customers and partners to create value-added solutions, while further demonstrating that solutions built on Unqork are completely portable. 
  • AI Smart Assistant: Formulas. Leverage the power of GenAI to intelligently generate formulas in Unqork applications, reducing errors and delivering a faster time to value
  • Integration Gateway on-prem. Accelerate time to value and democratize development with seamless integrations to 700+ systems across on-premise and cloud-based enterprise applications and databases.

Case Management Solution

To speed up development and time to value, Unqork's first ready-to-use solution for Case Management includes pre-built components, drag-and-drop UI, and seamless upgrades. Now, with the Case Management Solution, customers can quickly and easily streamline existing processes while ensuring audibility and governance.


  • Faster development and higher-quality apps: Accelerate application development and reduce errors by reusing pre-configured and commonly tested functionalities.
  • User-friendly customization: Simply define your case and task type workflows using an intuitive UI that non-technical users can easily use and customize. And a drag-and-drop interface eliminates the need for complex data mapping.
  • Easily maintain and upgrade: Create future-proof applications that are easy to manage and don’t require updates, so you can focus on innovation instead of maintenance. 
Learn more about the Case Management Solution


Composite Apps: Embedded UI

Embedded UI allows users to create composite applications by configuring and reusing standard components that can be securely embedded into any internal or external application. This new capability allows plug-and-play reusability of components, meta components, and micro apps built in Unqork across any app in your ecosystem. 

You can embed Unqork creations as many times as you need without compromising data integrity or system security, while scaling your application landscape efficiently with seamless updates across components.


    • Drive standardization. Securely plug your Unqork creations, without compromising data integrity and system security while also delivering better, more consistent user experiences.
    • Accelerate digital transformation. Build new components, meta-components, and micro apps once and then embed them quickly across any existing or new application. Users can even embed full applications containing workflows, decisions, rules, integrations, and more into your existing applications.
    • Lower TCO: Scale your application landscape efficiently with seamless updates across components. Revamp, reshape, and reconfigure existing larger, more complex applications into easily configurable and manageable micro applications.




Unqork Open Source Specification

With Open Source Specification, Unqork becomes the first codeless provider to make its platform spec available as open source. Unqork’s open specification showcases a feature-rich, secure, and open ecosystem built on standardized web technologies for a safe and future-proof experience. 

By opening up Unqork's codeless specification, Unqork is demonstrating a commitment to openness with customers and empowering ecosystem participants to develop external components on top of Unqork’s platform. 


  • A more feature-rich, future-proof platform: By encouraging the development of an even more feature-rich ecosystem to meet future business and technological challenges, Open Source fosters increased innovation to meet the challenges of an ever-changing tech and competitive landscape.
  • More productive developers: Unqork's all-visual platform requires a short learning curve to get developers up and running. Now, Open Source Spec provides a catalyst for more experienced developers to innovate new solutions.
  • Faster migrations & acceleration of generative AI/LLM: Open Source Spec enables specialized companies to build models for accelerating migrations. They can also create solutions using generative AI and LLM that build on Unqork's codeless spec.
  • No vendor lock-in. Open Source Spec not only provides transparency and a greater assurance of portability but also further demonstrates that Unqork customers own their IP.

Read more about Open Source Specification today


AI Smart Assistant: Formulas

AI Smart Assistant: Formulas enables developers to leverage the power of GenAI to intelligently generate formulas in their Unqork applications, reducing errors and delivering a faster time to value. Using natural language, Unqork Creators can describe their desired formula output and review existing formulas using the embedded Smart Assistant. 


  • Accelerate development: Through an intuitive interface, Creators can describe the formula or logic they need, simplifying and accelerating the building process.
  • Enhance Reliability: Leverage the power of GenAI to review formula construction, helping to reduce errors and minimize time spent on debugging efforts.



Integration Gateway On-Prem

Integration Gateway—which connects apps, data, and services to Unqork—now supports both on-premise platforms and data sources. Users can seamlessly integrate with more than 700 systems across on-premise and cloud-based enterprise applications and databases, improving integrations with third-party platforms such as Salesforce, Snowflake, DocuSign, and on-premise SQL servers.


  • Accelerate time to value: Seamlessly leverage templatized connections and easy "recipe builder" capabilities to integrate enterprise applications, database, and legacy infrastructure.
  • Democratize development: Provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface designed for both IT and business users, with advanced mapping and performance monitoring capabilities.
  • Enhance security & scalability: Leverage pre-built connectors out of the box. Rely on the Unqork platform for security, performance, and reliability. And access accurate and consistent metrics to ensure optimal performance.



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