Unqork Creates First Integrated Development Environment (IDE) UDesigner Without Using Code, Introduces Integration Gateway to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Codeless IDE UDesigner and Integration Gateway enable more efficient cross-functional team collaboration, greatly expand third-party integration catalog

New York City, New York -  October 4, 2023 – Unqork, the leading codeless platform, today announced the next generation of the Unqork platform built entirely on codeless architecture and without using code, starting with its Integrated Development Environment (IDE), UDesigner, and Integration Gateway releases. UDesigner is the new way for cross-functional teams to deliver future-proof applications while reducing time-to-market. Integration Gateway will accelerate digital transformation by easily and securely integrating over 700+ third-party systems. 

The new and extensible UDesigner provides teams with access to all the core capabilities of an IDE, while significantly accelerating application development through new assisted, customizable, and best practice-driven experiences. To improve confidence and time-to-market, UDesigner brings together business and technical teams by allowing for tailored roles and two-way, real-time communication during development. Integration Gateway was designed to simplify digital transformation and offers an expansive catalog of 700+ enterprise systems with pre-build connectors, enabling effortless connectivity to a vast array of enterprise applications, databases, legacy systems, and in-the-cloud infrastructure.    

The next step in the evolution of the Unqork platform represents a substantial reinvestment in Unqork’s codeless architecture standard and vision for code-free, enterprise-grade application development. Built entirely using codeless architecture and without writing a single line of code, this strategic move underscores the company's belief in the power, security, and scalability of the Unqork platform and its ability to deliver mission-critical applications. Today’s platform announcements are just the first step in Unqork’s journey to revolutionize application development, with more customer experience-focused upgrades planned for 2024.

Core features and enhancements of Unqork’s Fall Release include:

  • Collaborate Cross-Functionally & Workspaces for Teams: Business and technology leads can now collaborate seamlessly during development. Creators will be able to comment and tag their teammates about configuration updates and challenges. Users tagged in a comment will see notifications in their user profile to action upon. 
  • Personalized & Faster Wayfinding: Targeted announcement, community, and enablement updates will be presented to users when they land on to the platform. Certifications, badges, and experience levels will be added to user profiles to celebrate their configuration experience. 
  • Real-Time Best Practices: Creators will receive additional best practice guidance for common configuration settings to limit bugs, improve performance, and accelerate time to market. Creators will also be able to configure logic and integration components faster than ever, with type-ahead PropertyID and Plugin mapping suggestions provided.
  • Easy Integrations, More Comprehensive Catalog: From popular cloud services to legacy systems, enterprises can now bridge the gap between disparate platforms with ease. Advanced mapping capabilities, an intuitive drag and drop interface, and access to performance monitoring metrics further simplify the experience.
  • Application Performance Monitoring: Creators can monitor application performance, availability, and overall health by analyzing various metrics, allowing them to detect and resolve issues before they impact end-users or business processes.

“Built entirely with our codeless architecture standard, this release unites business and tech users in a collaborative effort to accelerate innovation, all while reducing cost of ownership ,” said Thierry Bonfante, CPO, Unqork. “Our goal is to redefine the codeless experience as the gold standard and today's launch is proof of our commitment to transitioning enterprises away from code – including our own – and towards data-defined application development.” 

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Unqork is the first codeless development platform, reshaping how organizations create, manage and run their software applications without the constraints of traditional coding. Through Unqork’s codeless architecture standard, Unqork is pioneering the next big migration beyond the cloud, freeing businesses from legacy code to propel their business forward. Unqork serves enterprises of all sizes, providing industry-tailored solutions for customers in financial services, insurance, government, high-tech and health care. Its customers include Goldman Sachs, Marsh, BlackRock, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To learn more, please visit: https://www.unqork.com


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