Unqork Launches the Unqork Marketplace

First-ever no-code marketplace significantly ramps up developer productivity with full menu of no-code accelerators while connecting creators to third party, best-of-breed technologies

NEW YORK – June 22, 2021 – Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code platform, today announced the launch of the Unqork Marketplace, the first-ever no-code marketplace. The Unqork Marketplace is a public, self-service marketplace designed to help Unqork customers build mission-critical software faster than ever before and identify new opportunities to optimize complex business processes using no-code. The Unqork Marketplace houses an extensive library of no-code assets, ranging from pre-configured software snippets to pre-built integrations from partners like DocuSign, Experian, SendGrid, signNow and Twilio, to customizable applications that have wide applicability across industries. Developers can quickly pick up these assets and add them to their Unqork environment as a way to jumpstart projects and build enterprise software faster. 

“This is the next level of innovation of enterprise no-code. Building on Unqork already enabled customers to bring products to market more than three times faster than any process that requires coding, but the accelerators in the Unqork Marketplace are a game-changing force multiplier for developer productivity. As the first marketplace of its kind, the Unqork Marketplace is a major milestone for Unqork, our customers and the maturation of no-code,” said Gary Hoberman, CEO and Founder, Unqork. “The Unqork Marketplace supercharges everything our customers love about Unqork, making it easier than ever for enterprises to transform outdated legacy systems and build new mission-critical applications.”

The Unqork Marketplace

The Unqork Marketplace provides a range of accelerators that allow developers to build software faster than ever in Unqork. Through an easy-to-use, self-service interface, customers can browse through an extensive library of no-code assets, select the ones they want to use, and add them to their Unqork environment - all with just a few clicks. The Unqork Marketplace includes snippets (small, reusable pieces of commonly-used functions), templates (pre-configured, reusable blueprints for commonly-used processes or flows) and applications (ready-made-solutions for big problems that impact entire industries). These accelerators drastically increase developer productivity, allowing them to bring complex enterprise-grade processes to market faster than ever. 

Full suite of pre-built integrations 

The Unqork platform integrates with a broad array of leading technology partners, giving customers the ability to integrate with existing processes and streamline user experiences. Now, as part of the Unqork Marketplace, customers have access to a suite of pre-built integrations with best-of-breed technologies that can be implemented in a matter of clicks. Working alongside partners, Unqork created predefined arrangements for the functionalities that are ubiquitous in enterprise apps, such as:

  • An Experian integration, which gives Unqork users the ability to search a business by name and location and integrate real time data about a business’s commercial and financial health directly into an application.
  • Integrations with DocuSign eSignature that provide applications built in Unqork with functionality to generate dynamic documents and seamlessly send for signature.
  • airSlate's electronic signature solution, signNow, which integrates with Unqork to give users the ability to generate a dynamic PDF document and send it via email to a user to sign - on any desktop or mobile device.
  • A Twilio integration which allows Unqork users to send SMS directly from an Unqork application to their users.
  • A SendGrid integration where Unqork customers can utilize dynamic email templates to create beautiful and customized emails and send an email directly from their application to their users.

As the Unqork Marketplace grows, so will the suite of integrations. As developers uncover new use cases and Unqork iterates with tech partners, new pre-built integrations will be available in the Unqork Marketplace. 

Access to World Class Solutions Partners

In addition to self-service tools, customers will also be able to access services from Unqork’s bench of solutions partners -- world-class system integrators and consultants with deep industry expertise and experience implementing Unqork solutions. 

“We are seeing a great demand for no-code solutions in the market today as organizations in every industry look to leverage software more and more to drive a competitive advantage, and seek out an approach that allows them to get solutions to market faster and at a lower cost of ownership. Unqork supports complex, enterprise-grade applications with a unique no-code platform and we are working together to build a number of digital solutions that will be listed on the Unqork Marketplace.” – Harvinder Bhatia, MD, KPMG LLP

"The Unqork Marketplace is, in many ways, the physical manifestation of the ecosystem we have been building around Unqork for the last two years,” said Christian Barrera, Vice President, Alliances & Ecosystem, Unqork. “Whether you want to use a snippet that accelerates integrating with world class third-party technologies like DocuSign, Experian, SendGrid, signNow or Twilio, or you want to find a market-leading system integrator building industry solutions powered by Unqork--you can find it in the Unqork Marketplace."

A no-code marketplace built with no-code

The entire Unqork Marketplace was built with no-code on the Unqork platform, further demonstrating that Unqork is a general-purpose development platform that supports serious enterprise software. 

“The Unqork Marketplace is both an accelerator and an innovation platform for customers,” said Warren Chen, VP of Marketplace, Unqork. “Our marketplace increases reusability, allowing customers to benefit from Unqork, its partners and other customers’ expertise. The Unqork Marketplace layers additional acceleration and developer productivity benefits on top of the existing benefits of building in Unqork, while also providing customers with inspiration for new ways to use no-code for enterprise-grade, mission-critical software.”

To learn more, visit the Unqork Marketplace.


About Unqork

Unqork is the industry pioneer no-code enterprise application platform that helps large companies build, deploy, and manage complex applications without writing a single line of code. Organizations like Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, the Cities of New York, Chicago and Washington, DC and Maimonides Medical Center are using Unqork's drag-and-drop interface to build enterprise applications faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than conventional approaches. To learn more, please visit: https://www.unqork.com.


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