Unqork Debuts a Plaid Integration for its Wealth Client Onboarding Application, Available Now in the Unqork Marketplace

The Wealth Client Onboarding application is the latest of many recent updates to the Unqork Marketplace since its launch in Summer 2021

NEW YORK – September 28, 2021 – Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code platform, today announced the launch of a new integration with Plaid, a data network powering the digital financial ecosystem, as part of Unqork’s Wealth Client Onboarding accelerator. The customizable accelerator allows firms to quickly establish digital onboarding workflows that are fully integrated with internal and third-party systems. With the addition of the Plaid integration, end-customers can easily and securely link in their other financial accounts and authenticate their banking information. Enterprise customers can learn more about the Wealth Client Onboarding application with Plaid via the Unqork Marketplace, the world’s first no-code marketplace. 

Using Unqork’s enterprise no-code platform, customers can easily configure and customize the Wealth Client Onboarding application to meet their specific needs, including the level of client-advisor collaboration needed. Dynamic workflows guide clients and advisors through the onboarding process, from information-gathering to suitability and product selection to finalization. As part of the information-gathering workflow, the Plaid integration allows firms to easily leverage Plaid’s APIs to securely gather and validate a customer’s banking information, improving financial transparency and enhancing wealth management advice. Unqork customers that use the Wealth Client Onboarding solution see an average of 85% acceleration in the client onboarding process while reducing operational costs by 40%, enabling faster revenue growth, enhanced user experiences, and reduced risk. 

“The Unqork Marketplace has ushered in a new era of innovation for enterprise no-code, providing enterprise customers with easy access to game-changing accelerators and out-of-the box applications. Applications like Wealth Client Onboarding are a force multiplier for developer productivity, allowing engineers to build complex, mission-critical software in a matter of clicks,” said Warren Chen, VP of Marketplace, Unqork. 

“As the premier fintech API, Plaid is an essential partner for Unqork and we are excited to feature them in the Unqork Marketplace and inside this application,” said Brian Karimi-Pashaki, Head of Technology Partnerships, Unqork. “This new integration will provide end-customers of the Wealth Client Onboarding application with fintech-forward, nextgen financial software. All without a single line of code.” 

“Understanding a client’s full financial picture is critical in wealth management and starts by gathering information from all of their other financial accounts. Integrating Plaid into the Unqork platform allows companies to build wealth-related services that have secure, seamless account connection capabilities built right into the client experience,” said Paul Williamson, Head of Revenue and Partnerships at Plaid.

Plaid is the newest technology partner in the Unqork Marketplace, joining a broad array of best-of-breed technologies like Experian, DocuSign, signNow, Twilio and SendGrid. The Plaid integration is the latest in a comprehensive suite of updates to the financial services assets available in the Unqork Marketplace, which provides enterprise customers with an extensive library of no-code assets that can be used to jumpstart projects and build enterprise software faster. Those updates include a new Middesk integration to help Unqork customers verify and monitor their customers, a GLEIF integration to access high-quality legal entity reference data, and templates for NAIC and SIC codes. Beyond financial services, the Unqork Marketplace has been recently updated to include Lob's Address Verification capabilities, a SendGrid extension that enables adding attachments to emails, the SFTP Module Upload Template, and the SFTP Workflow Upload Template.  

To learn more, visit the Unqork Marketplace.


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